Message from the Campus Principal

Di Matheson

Welcome to the Wexford  P-8 Campus of Northern Bay College. I am delighted to have been appointed as Campus Principal and look forward to building upon the wonderful foundations of past colleagues.

Our campus is a diverse community with families from many different cultures. We are passionate and proud of our multiculturalism and celebrate it by encouraging our students to share their stories and beliefs with each other in a respectful and open way.  

As a School Wide Positive Behaviour campus we focus on providing a welcoming, safe and secure learning environment that places a strong emphasis on our College Core values of Collaboration, Outcomes, Respect and Equity.

Our campus has state of the art flexible learning spaces that promote flexibility in teaching and learning. It is comprised of three learning communities; Prep to 2, Years 3 – 5 and Years 6 – 8. To achieve the best for our students, the Learning Community teams plan, develop and implement programs that reflect best practice in current trends in education. Staff work alongside our students to ensure they achieve their goals and student successes are valued and celebrated.

Take a walk through our Learning Communities and you will see:

Students working and communicating collaboratively in pairs, small groups, focus groups and conferences 
Students actively sharing and discussing their learning and working towards achieving individual goals
Visual displays that promote effective feedback, learning intentions, success criteria and visible learning.

‘We are committed to maximising Literacy and Numeracy outcomes for all our students by implementing a personalised approach to student learning. We aim to strengthen students’ engagement in their learning by fostering positive wellbeing and connectedness of all students’. Prep–Year 2 Community Leader.

‘As we develop our students into lifelong learners, we offer an innovative curriculum that is based on our individual students’ needs. We are preparing them to be technologically literate as well as flexible and adaptable by offering a fluid learning environment and a 1:1 iPad program that supports our inquiry program as well as our strong Literacy and Numeracy programs’. 3 – 5 Community Leader 

‘The 6-8 Learning Community is a supportive, caring and encouraging educational environment that provides a rich and diverse curriculum with access to programs such as ASPIRE, Hands On Learning, the Compass Award Program, STEM, GRIN, Advanced Learning at Goldsworthy Campus and an  Instrumental music program.’ 6-8 Community Leader’

I welcome you to our Campus and look forward to working with you in a partnership that is a productive and rewarding experience for both you and your children.

Di Matheson, Campus Principal

Our 2018 Campus Leaders welcomed everyone to their campus