Student Learning


Our curriculum has been designed so all students experience a progressive and targeted curriculum that builds on their previous learnings, equipping them with the knowledge and skills required for success in school and life.

At Northern Bay College staff across the College share responsibility and accountability for the implementation of a student-centre curriculum that is focussed on a continuum for improving student outcomes. The curriculum framework allows for students to access key skills and knowledge required at each year level and is student centred, focussing on student needs and abilities, how they learn and how they engage with their learning.

At Northern Bay College we provide stimulating and effective learning which includes ongoing feedback to students and parents. We are creating an environment which encourages learning through application to meaningful tasks so that students are involved in decisions about their own learning and issues that affect their own lives. We allow for quality learning in a social context that encourages collaborative approaches to learning and thinking.

Pathways are key to the progression in curriculum delivery in senior years with an expectation of enahced opportunity for further education, training and employment.