Literacy & Numeracy

Across the College there is a strong commitment to Literacy and Numeracy (In the Goldsworthy Campus the English and Maths domains encompass Literacy and Numeracy)


Literacy teaching and learning incorporates three elements - Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening.

For our students to develop their literacy skills, teachers model new concepts and share thinking with students, followed by students independently practising taught skills. Children set learning goals through teacher/student conferences based on current learning and student needs. Teachers also hold small group discussions and focus groups during the literacy block.

Visible learning data displays show student learning growth, achievement and future goals. The use of ‘I Can’ statements allow for student to have understanding and ownership of their learning journey.

Speaking and Listening play an integral role in the development of our students and Oral Language groups across the College enables students to develop their speaking and listening skills.


At Northern Bay College all children are taught Mathematics at their individual point need. To begin each unit children complete a Pre Test to demonstrate and inform teachers what they can achieve and what their future learning needs are. This allows all students to achieve success in mathematics, being challenged with their learning through a series of engaging mathematical experiences.

Children have the opportunity to conference regularly with teachers, having the opportunity to discuss their learning and set future learning goals based on their understanding of mathematics. Children are able to discuss:

  1.  What am I currently achieving?
  2. Where do I need my learning to go next?
  3. How am I going to achieve this?

Children then move through flexible learning groups to further develop skills in all areas of mathematics. To further develop in mathematics learning children are explicitly taught a variety of strategies to assist with solving problems and achieving their individual goals. Thew use of ICT is important in the teaching and learning of mathematics.