Year 7-12 Sports Program

At Northern Bay College all Year 7-12 students have the opportunity to participate in Interschool sport against other schools no matter which campus they attend. The sport program is designed to give every student the opportunity to participate in the sports that they enjoy, and also experience sports they may not have been exposed to in the past.

In term 1 students’ have the opportunity to represent the college in swimming. Swimming trials are held in the middle of February and those students who perform well go on to swim in the Barwon & Bellarine Divisions swimming carnival held at Kardinia Pool.

The Northern Bay College Year 7-12 athletics carnival is held at Landy Field in March with Year 7-12 students from the Goldsworthy, Hendy, Wexford, Tallis and Peacock campuses all competing in a house competition. Yellow house are the current reigning champions of the Northern Bay College Year 7-12 Athletics Carnival. Students who perform well on this day then represent the college in the Barwon Division Athletics Carnival in May. Students who excel in athletics have the opportunity to go all the way through to the State finals. 

Team Sports

Students at the Goldsworthy campus (Years 9-12) can sign-up and/or participate in lunchtime training sessions in order to participate in competing teams.

Year 7 and 8 students from the Peacock, Hendy, Tallis and Wexford campuses are involved in sport for at least an hour a week (They also participate in 1 hour of Physical Education each week). Students get to pick to do the sport of their choice each term to participate in each week. They also get the opportunity to sign-up for the college team in the sport of their choice. Trials for each sport are then held and teams are picked from these trials. Therefore any one team can have students from all four campuses representing the college.

The sports students can choose to participate in are:

Football, Netball, Soccer, Badminton, Volleyball, Hockey, Basketball, Table Tennis, Baseball, Softball, Cricket and Tennis.

At Northern Bay College we recognise the benefits of sport for all children. Our sport program, along with the Physical Education program, allows students to work in teams, participate in sport/physical activity on a regular basis and represent our college against other schools in a well organised, enjoyable setting.

We have successful teams at a number of age groups and sports and the Athletics Carnivals held on campus and the 7-12 whole college event are highlights of the year.