School Council

Northern Bay College operates under, and adheres to the democratic principles of Australian and Victorian law. Our commitment is to model in learning, teaching, organisation, practices and governance the requirements under which government schools are registered. As such a duly elected School Council provides community voice and accountability to ensure all aspects school operations remain focussed on the student. School Council ensures that inclusive practices and policies guide school decision making.

The college encourages parent participation in a range of activities and provides many opportunities for parents to be involved. The College Council consists of Thirteen representatives including the College Principal and Business Manager. There are seven elected parent members and four Department of Education & Training (DET) employees.  The College Council is the governing body that determines within guidelines issued by DET, the general education policy of the college; management of the college finances; maintenance and development of buildings, grounds and equipment. Much of the college council’s work is organised through a range of sub-committees. 

The School Annual Implementation Plan can be found on the College Website 
The annual meeting of the College Council is held in March each year where the annual report is tabled and elections are held to fill vacancies.  

Our College School Council President Shonah Friswell was returned as President in March 2018.  


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Membership category


               Council Dates


Shonah Friswell

James Bayard

Kathleen Nardi

Julie Dean

Nicole Green

Kim Marks

Anthony Vriesen

Anne Marie Wills

Kerry McKenzie

Udai Jahad

Scott Dellar

Lisa Gray

Titi Baea

Gypsy Lees

Non - DET -President










 DET - College Principal

 College Business Manager

 Student Representative

Student Representativer





 15 May

19 June

14 August

18 September

16 October

20 November

18 December






 Anita Ali Asghar Student Member  
 Cassie Stevens Student Member  

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