The College, through School Council endorses Policies for our community. Some are required by the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) others are guided by Department of Education & Training(DET) while others are local initiatives to best serve our students and community. School Council discusses Policy and then shares the document with the community through the website or if community members request it - by collection at general offices.

Policies have usually a 3 year cycle and as a new College our policies are gradually being reviewed. Many are in the schedule of review. Council is committed to have a streamlined process to share policies over the coming months. The list below is not complete some policies currently up for consultation are accurate for comment. 

New legislation requires a current adoption of policies to reflect Chid Safe laws over the coming months

The left hand column are Policies in place and the right hand column are consultation. Please provide any comments on a consultative document via your general office or write to

School Council President

Northern Bay College

PO Box 126

Corio 3214

In place


Community Consultation


 Actual or Suspected Fraud    
 Administration of Medications  
 Bullying Prevention Policy    
 Aspiration and Achievement    
 Camps and Excursions    
 Child Safe Policy
Child Safe Responding and Reporting    
 Child Safety Code of Conduct
 Criminal Offence
 Critical Incident
 Complaints Policy    
 Digital Technologies     
 Dogs In Schools
 Drugs Related Incident  
 Duty of Care    
 Emergency Management    
 Excursions and Incursions    
 First Aid Policy    
 Head Lice    
 Health Care Needs    
 Loan of Equipment
 Mobile Phone - Students Policy    
 NBCELC Fees Policy    
 Parent Engagement and Involvement           
 Parent Payments    
 Personal Property (Students)    
 Sexuality Education    
Statement of Values    
 Student Dress Code    
 Student Engagement and Wellbeing    
 Student Enrolment Policy    
 Visitor Policy    
 Volunteers Policy