Performing Arts

The Performing Arts at Northern Bay College covers the three different areas of Music, Dance and Drama. A dedicated Performing Arts Team, embraces the differences and aims to instil in students a love and passion for the Performing Arts as well as supporting the acquisition of the essential skills within each arts discipline. As well as the essential knowledge and language children are required to gain for each area, the Performing Arts team also aim to develop the skills of critical thinking and creativity. Through the program students gain confidence and are assisted to discover different ways of viewing their world, through each area of the Performing Arts. Our students set goals in all of the learning and similarly the goals of the Performing Arts team are designed to help and guide students to think in a creative, unique, expressive and critical manner and to help them understand themselves and the world. The team is constantly striving to develop student’s abilities to recognize and appreciate the arts, while instilling excitement for the accomplishment of others. With a whole of College approach, the team also aim to help students to expand their opportunities for careers through the Performing Arts. Prospective employment in areas such as TV, radio, sound technician, booking agent, publisher, and jingle writer are all areas to which students can aspire. We believe it is important for our students to understand the creative endeavours and achievements of all areas of the Performing Arts.

Connecting to the Community

Through the Performing Arts our team works hard to make a connection to the wider community, providing opportunities for the children to perform to a wide range of audiences. This involves bringing the community into our schools and by taking our children out into the community. Through our community connections we develop a sense of community spirit within our students where the love of performance both in and out of school hours enables the children at Northern Bay College to provide entertainment and display the passion we have for Performing Arts. Throughout our Primary program we make it a goal to develop the childrens' practical skills and techniques in all areas from playing musical instruments and singing to acting and dancing. From Year 5 students are also given the opportunity to explore individual instruments and have the opportunity to join music ensembles.

Curriculum Strengths

The Performing Arts team works hard to provide students with a constantly challenging, ever changing curriculum, as well as different opportunities to explore their creative potential. Through this learning in the Performing Arts, students are prepared for a role in life that depends on innovative ideas, creative thinking and ethical conduct in the creating, making, presenting and responding to others.

In 2018 The College has again nominated to participate in the Victorian State Schools Spectacular