Ages and Stages of schooling

Prep – 2 and Years 3-5 Learning Communities 

During the first stages of learning Northern Bay College teachers aim to create a safe and happy environment where our students are valued, praised and encouraged and where student success is expected. 

From Prep to Year 5, students are encouraged to make sense of the world around them through real-life experiences.

Peacock Avenue curriculum for Prep to Year 5 emphasizes literacy and numeracy skills. There are also opportunities for the development of physical, creative and information and communication technology skills, as students are encouraged to explore their world.

Year 6-8 Learning Communities

This stage of schooling coincides with early adolescence. This is a time when many students are developing rapidly – physically, mentally and emotionally and where student success is expected.
At Peacock Avenue campus we have established a Years 6 to Year 8 Learning Community to ensure students are challenged and their literacy and numeracy skills continue to grow. The program is also designed to support the transition of students into the next level of schooling.

In this stage of learning the curriculum requires students to ask more developed and focused questions as well as investigating a variety of issues. Students are encouraged to participate in situations and problems that relate to real life, and to work with the local community and use resources outside their school. Students will also undertake Science, Physical Education, Arts and Technology Studies subjects in specialist facilities.