Northern Bay College has a number of partnerships with organisations, agencies and businesses. Working with, and in many cases, alongside, our partners, the College is able to provide additional support, resources, opportunities, environmental enhancements and programs to enable our students to reach their potential in our learning community.

There is an ancient African proverb “It takes a whole village to raise a child.”    

In essence this is the basis of Northern Bay College’s commitment to building partnerships within our community.  We are of the belief that our college is but one avenue for children to develop, make mistakes and experience success.

At Northern Bay College our aim is to connect with partnerships that will extend these opportunities and provide not only our students, but our families, staff and business and community partners many instances to become life long learners.

Our biggest partners are our families as they are the first and ongoing teachers of our students. Our College culture thrives on having our parents involved in planning future directions and we invite them to be active participants in their children's learning.  This includes having parents serve on Committees, participating in opportunities where students showcase their learning such as student led conferences and performances and also partnering with them to support students when they need more intensive support.    

We have the privilege to have commitment from community organisations and businesses that have given our Northern Bay College community access to many resources. Included in this are volunteering, onsite family support, extracurricular programs, financial scholarships, working bee hours, environmental enhancements and experiences which our students will treasure for many years to come and which have made a positive impact in their lives.  Some of these organisations are listed below. 

If you would like to get involved in partnerships in any way; whether it is to offer an idea, share knowledge and expertise, offer a service or resource or just provide some feedback.  We welcome the support.

The following are only some of the organisations whose assistance and support is important to the College successes.


 On site  Volunteers and  programs    
 Pathways  and Programs      
 Community   Organisations  and Groups      
and    Student   Recognition