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Mountain to Mouth

On Friday 4 May 100 students from the 4 P-8 campuses went to the You Yangs to help celebrate the annual Mountain to Mouth Festival. Mountain to Mouth is a multi-award winning extreme arts walk that follows in the tradition of the Watharong traditional owners, creating a songline across Geelong.

The first ceremony was at the beginning of the walk - The Gathering of the Elders at Big Rock. From the  guard of honour welcoming the 150 plus people who had come to celebrate this special event, to singing a beautiful chant and song conducted by choir master, Jonathon Welch, the children of Northern Bay certainly added a magical element to the ceremony. 

Northern Bay continued to play an important of the festival by singing at the Gathering of the City, Friday night in Johnstone Park. 

Another amazing experience and performance by the students of Northern Bay