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COVID19 Update

Poster on Compass 23 March at 3.30pm
Dear NBC Community Members,
As you are already aware the Victorian Government has moved to bring forward the school holiday period to begin tomorrow - Tuesday March 24. This means the learning program for Term 1 at Northern Bay College will finish today.
This school holiday period will be a very different one for our entire school community. I encourage all community members to heed the advice of the State and Federal Government who request all members of our society to minimise all unrequired social activity. This means for our students that they should refrain as much as possible from attending social gathering sites such as cinemas, shopping centres and even local parks such as skate parks. We all need to work together to help further prevent the spread of this virus and these small measures can go a long way to helping do so.
College Operations for the Remainder of this Week
For the remainder of this week the college will provide supervision for students in Prep to Grade 6 whose parents or carers work in Essential Services. The Department of Education and Training (DET) has indicated “essential services may include health, police, corrections and emergency services workers.” To support this aspect of our work for this week each of the NBC P-8 Campuses will be staffed with a ‘skeleton’ staff to provide supervision for these students should these specific parents choose to take up this opportunity.
Further to this the college would like to communicate that the college remains open to support any families requiring ongoing support or access to services the college would normally provide for. Northern Bay College recognises the important role the college has in ensuring all of our families are well cared for at all times. This period of time is no different. Should you require any guidance or support please contact your child's Campus.
Ongoing Preparations - Remote Learning
NBC staff will continue working this term to further develop processes and systems that will allow the college to transition to ‘Remote Learning’ should the need arise in the near future. This action is being seen as something that may happen for the beginning of Term 2 although no official word has yet been provided by DET.
To support our ongoing preparation for Remote Learning can I please request that all parents of students in Year 3-8 ask your child to please check their college provided GMail account.
Further to this families may find the following websites useful with regard to home internet access:
Telstra Link 
Optus Link
Coronavirus Information
As has been communicated previously further information regarding DET actions relating to the Coronavirus can be found on the DET Corona Website. 
I look forward to continuing to keep families and community members fully informed of the latest information as it comes to hand. 
On behalf of all NBC staff I wish all community members a safe holiday break,
Kind regards and best wishes,
Scott Diamond
College Principal
Northern Bay College