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Bethany Superhero Awards

GEELONG mums do not need super powers to be a ‘super’ mum who flies through life.

According to the Bethany Superhero Awards, even the smaller day-to-day tasks undertaken by positive role models make a difference in children’s lives, are super.

The awards, for 19 years known as Geelong’s Father of the Year competition, now include all role models in the community.

They encourage primary school-aged children to nominate an influential person in their lives by writing a story, poem, drawing pictures or using photos to describe their special person.

Northern Bay College student Ava Tekis, 10, has nominated her mother, Claire Dano, both pictured, in this year’s awards.

Ava said she appreciated the everyday tasks her mother did in her life.

“She drives us anywhere we need to go, she cooks for us, she looks after us, she does everything that we need,” she said.

“She is always there.”

Ms Dano said that being a mother to her four children was not always easy, but it was worth it.

“Being a mother means taking on a lot of responsibility,” she said.

“As a young mum with four kids — it’s hard sometimes but also really rewarding and lots of fun.”

CEO Grant Boyd said the name change encouraged children to identify a range of positive roles models within their lives.

“Children often look up to people both inside and outside the family unit as roles models that they have respectful, caring relationships with,” he said.

“Our intent through the competition is to celebrate these superheroes within our community.

“Their everyday actions, care and guidance enrich the lives of children, empowering them with skills necessary to have the best possible start to life.”

The competition launches on Monday, with the Bethany Superhero’s Breakfast on September 13.

Details: bethany.org.au