Welcome to Northern Bay P-12 College

I am delighted to be the Executive Principal of this outstanding college. Each day brings new opportunities, new understandings and new insights into my role to make this college achieve even greater outcomes for our students. We have an amazing cohort of students from many cultures and experiences who are looking to our skilled staff to guide and support them in their learning growth and personal development. The college has an unparalleled potential to offer programs and tailor pathways for each student and I will endeavour to support the achievement of these goals.
Our vision is to instil community commitment, confidence and high expectations in lifelong learning by:

  • Developing young people who are engaged; motivated and challenged to fulfil their potential.
  • Maximising the educational opportunities and creating purposeful and diverse pathways for all students
  • Developing partnerships with other schools, community organisations and business which can empower a community through learning
  • Creating a community that is literate, numerate, curious, articulate, resilient and passionate

We welcome you to our College and trust that your association with us is a productive and rewarding one.

Scott Diamond
Executive Principal

Please use this Website to explore our College and our Campuses.