Welcome to Northern Bay P-12 College

I am pleased to have been invited to be Executive Principal of Northern Bay College at the beginning of 2019. During the period of my tenure I am looking forward to continuing the work of Fred Clarke to provide the best possible educational outcomes for all of our students. In 2018 our college undertook the three year review cycle to consolidate the outstanding achievements of our first seven years as a College and build upon our teaching and learning, community engagement and exceptional array of programs to enhance student outcomes. With my leadership team and School Council I hope to implement the recommendations of the review and refine our curriculum implementation while instilling school pride. 

I also hope to include students in our improvement journey and further develop real opportunities for students voice.

It will be exciting times for this wonderful college.

Our vision is to instil community commitment, confidence and high expectations in lifelong learning by:

  • Developing young people who are engaged; motivated and challenged to fulfil their potential.
  • Maximising the educational opportunities and creating purposeful and diverse pathways for all students
  • Developing partnerships with other schools, community organisations and business which can empower a community through learning
  • Creating a community that is literate, numerate, curious, articulate, resilient and passionate

Northern Bay College is a strong learning community which relies upon all of its community to work together to achieve the common goal: A positive educational experience for our young people with individualised pathways leading to employment or further education. We focus upon providing a well-resourced learning environment which caters for the individuality of our young people inclusive of ALL children, The College has both program and staffing commitment to ensure inclusion and equity for all A&TSI, CaLD and PSD students and caters for different learning needs and styles including acceleration.

Northern Bay College provides numerous opportunities for its students. These include but are not limited to a Scholarship program; Year nine Heroes Journey; Hands on Learning, access to the Year nine Skilling The Bay Tertiary Futures program;  ASPIRE programs at  Years 6, 8 and 10 for University aspirants; Year 11 and 12 Skyline Foundation Scholarships: iTrack (online mentoring); access to school-based apprenticeships or traineeships within a part-time employment arrangement; access to instrumental music and Bands; and the Principals Recommendation Program allowing easier access  into a university degree course. In addition there are extensive opportunities for students in our P-8 campuses to challenge their abilities in a range of programs.

Introduced in 2016 and highly acclaimed by students and families is the Extended School Day program, which brings Year 3 to Year 10 students from our five sites to the central campus to take part in additional learning programs, four afternoons per week. The suite of programs normally involves 8 weeks and options change each term. Much of the content and classes we run originates from student voice and what our student tell us will meet their learning needs. In addition they engage with new peer groups, fun activities which clearly strengthens engagement.

Commenced in 2018 our SEED program aims to encourage health, fitness and engagement through sport not only delivered by teachers but supported by elite sports people as performing coaching, mentoring and guidance

We welcome you to our College and trust that your association with us is a productive and rewarding one.

Scott Dellar, Executive Principal

Please use this Website to explore our College and our Campuses.