Campus Structure

Hendy P-8 Campus Structure

To maximise student learning we have implemented the following campus structure:

  • Our students learn in communities at Northern Bay College.
  • Hendy Campus enjoys a P-2 Learning Community, a 3-5 Learning Community and a 6-8 Learning Community.
  • A comprehensive rebuild has also provided a beautiful new Administration area.
  • All students access Specialist programs during the week and our year 6 to 8 students attend specialists programs that incorporate sport and Physical Education, Art, and technologies..
  • We also provide a Reading Recovery program for our year 1 students who need extra support with their reading.

There are outstanding generalist and specialist teachers at Hendy P-8 Campus and a team of committed leaders strive for enhanced teaching and learning achievement by all. Alongside the academic goals for students is a team of people and services to support emotional, social and cultural aspects of our students' lives.

A great number of extra -curricular programs and activities thrive at our Campus.
Supporting the individual needs of students at the campus are our experienced and caring classroom and specialist Education Support Staff.

The Campus leadership of Principal and Assistant Principal, as well as the community, are supported by Administration Staff who provide connections between School and Families.

Welcome to our beautiful

Hendy Campus