Hands On Learning 2015

Hands on Learning (HOL) is a wellbeing program connecting students with their school and community. The program focusses on basic landscaping, construction and painting projects working with students one day per week.  HOL students work alongside HOL staff/ mentors, prepare meals and eat together and learn practical and personal development skills, working as a team and building a sense of esteem and achievement in tasks completed.  As a special team building component, students also participate in regular afternoon mountain bike riding or bush walking.


Kids teaching kids 2014

This year Hands On Learning Northern Bay College was invited to participate at Serendip Sanctuary and the You Yangs Regional Park, which was a great thrill. Kids Teaching Kids was started 15 years ago by Aaron Wood and he was the special guest invited to open the Geelong event


The U.A.E comes to Hands on Learning Northern Bay College

On Wednesday 30th April students from Hands On Learning (HOL) Northern Bay College hosted a delegation of education staff from the United Arab Emirates who were in Australia to look at HOL so they can implement the program in their country.  The 4 year 8 students from Peacock campus and the 4 year 8 students from Wexford were joined with 3 students from the Goldsworthy campus. Together with Parks Vic Ranger Mike Frislie, the 11 students escorted 4 HOL staff, 2 Give Where You Live staff and the 10 UAE delegates to a couple of the HOL You Yangs projects.

The UAE delegates heard about our partnership with the You Yangs Regional Park and some of the projects including the boardwalk construction and installation, attaching chicken wire, picnic table refurbishment, painting orienteering posts and the picnic shelter, trail trimming, BBQ lunches and mountain bike riding.  Along the newly opened Northern Ranges Trail, the delegates learned about the noxious bone-seed plant and were shown how to pull it out. When we arrived at the walk bridge, built by the HOL team during 2013, Dylan Reed (year 10), Braidon Holland and Josh Trickey (year 9) talked to the group about why they like the program, how they built the bridge with the team and what they get out of doing Hands On Learning each week.  Thanks to some enthusiastic year 8 boys the delegates also got up close and personal to some freshly caught lizards and a frog.

When the visitors left we had a BBQ lunch and walked up to the summit of Flinders Peak. Well done to Tarkyn, Toby, Justin, Lachlan, Cohen, Dylan, Rodney, Joel, Braidon, Josh and Dylan for a great day.

Please check out the photo gallery of the day:

Hands On Learning 2013

 Hands on Learning (HOL) has again completed a significant amount of work this year with many of our projects being done out at the You Yangs Regional Park.  The relationship with Parks Vic. staff has continued on from our inception 4 years ago and they regularly invite Hands on Learning Northern Bay College to participate on projects.  At the You Yangs this year, junior and senior campus students have refurbished picnic tables, participated with a volunteer team from Goldman Sachs to clean up the turntable area, painted the gazebo, constructed boardwalk sections and support hurdles, planted shrubs and trees, installed mountain bike boardwalk, constructed a walking bridge and covered boardwalk with non-slip chicken wire.  As a result of our work at the You Yangs, students have also enjoyed many BBQ lunches and team building bush walks and mountain bike rides. Thanks to assistance from Aaron Butters, James Taylor and Jeremy Parker during the year.  We look forward to further school and community based projects completed by the HOL team during the remainder of 2013 and 2014.


Please check out these poictures of our activities and the amazing young people we work with in a range of endeavours.


Dave Scarlett & Mike Denny

Coordinators, H.O.L. Northern Bay College