School Based Apprenticeship / Traineeship

Northern Bay College proudly supports and offers School based Apprenticeships and Traineeship opportunities to our most appropriate and suitable students.

SbA’s are an exciting way of a student being able to undertake paid part time work that is officially timetabled into a student’s senior school study program (Ideally suited for our VCAL stream but in some cases can be individually case managed into Year 10 and VCE study programs).

             Please note: Students must be 15 years of age to be able to undertake SbA’s

Students are required to complete a minimum of 13 hours of paid work and formal training per week averaged over the duration of the SbA contract. Within this requirement each student usually works 7 to 8 hours per week within their school timetable in addition to completing formal class room training activities that take place with a Registered Training Organization normally on Wednesday afternoons.

Students undertake a nationally recognized VET qualification (Usually at a Certificate III level) with this qualification directly contributing to a student’s VCE/VCAL program which can include subject sequence credits and an ATAR score bonus. A completed Certificate III level qualification generally equates to Year 11 –Unit 1/2 and Year 12 Unit 3/4 VCE subject credits.

SbA’s can also contribute towards completion of full time apprenticeships/traineeships in addition to providing a student with a direct pathway into an industry sector or individual business workplace .The undertaking/completion of a SbA can also provide a student with a better chance of gaining a full time apprenticeship/traineeship, as the acquisition of transferable work ready skills are looked upon very favourably by many prospective employers.

SbA’s very effectively create opportunities for a student to gain valuable hands on skills and training whilst earning a wage, in addition to acquiring nationally recognised VET qualifications whilst still at school.

There is an ever increasing list of available SbA’s available to the most appropriate and suitable students that include:-


Companion Animal Services

Community Activities Programs

Community Services Work x 2 Programs one and two

Information & Cultural Services (Library & Arts)

Health Services Assistance

Allied Health Assistance

Aged Care 

Home & Community Care ( With Disability electives)

Early Childhood Education & Care (Children’s Services)  x 2 Programs

Conservation & Land Management

Education Support  x 2 Programs

Laboratory Skills


Civil Construction


Digital / Animation

Pathways Expression of Interest

    Students and  parents  interested in  traditional SBA  trade  areas   i.e.) carpentry, commercial cookery  will also be able to talk to local Group Training Company and Australian Apprenticeship Support Network providers to discuss  possible  SBA opportunities

Interested parents and students are invited to contact Mr Bryan Timms on 52249700 to arrange a mutually suitable appointment time to meet with Graeme Matheson Northern Bay College’s SbA Co-ordinator to discuss your son/daughter’s future SbA program options.

Alternatively, for more information regarding SbA’s, Graeme can be contacted directly on his mobile number or via email as detailed below.

Use this link: Application Form

 Graeme Matheson.    Phone:  0419 891662   Email:  matheson.graeme.j1@