Year 9 Overview


The Year 9 Program offers a wide range of challenging, interesting and student focussed subjects with viable and meaningful curriculum. The learning that takes place at year 9 is designed to engage our students, research shows that students respond positively to curriculum that links to and is meaningful in their lives outside as well as inside the classroom. The Year 9 program not only offers compulsory core subjects but also an extensive elective program as well as the Hero’s Programs. The Year 9 program offered at Northern Bay College is an excellent opportunity to learn life skills and values: teamwork and leadership; independence; trust and collective responsibility whist building resilience and improving academic knowledge.

The Year 9 Booklet can be downloaded here or Read online through ISSUU

Core Curriculum


Heroes Journey

The Heroes Journey is offered to all Year 9 students as an 8 week program across Terms 2-4. Our partnership with the REACH Foundation forms the foundation of the curriculum which focuses on Self Reflection, Building Positive Relationships, Developing Resilience, Discovering Purpose and Meaning, Setting Goals (with a career focus) and to Develop a Positive Mindset.


Exemplary Programs

Extra Curricular Activities