Accelerated VCE studies

The following criteria are used to select applicants:

  1. Overall academic performance

Students should have excellent academic results in all subjects

  1. Confidential recommendation from current teachers

Current teachers will be asked to rate the students’ work habits and study skills to determine whether they have demonstrated the potential to achieve success in the prescribed VCE Units 1 & 2.

  1. Work Habits

Students undertaking a Units 1 & 2 study should be able to:

  • Work independently
  • Concentrate fully in class
  • Work productively in class
  • Complete and submit work by due dates
  • Seek help when required
  • Respond to feedback
  • Preserve with a difficult task
  1. Specific Skills

Students undertaking a Units 1 & 2 study should be able to:

  • Synthesize information from various sources
  • Anaylse data
  • Express ideas in a clear and concise manner
  1. Attendance Rate

Students intending to undertake a Units 1&2 study must have an attendance rate above 90% in order to demonstrate that they will be able to cope with the School Assessed Coursework and attendance requirements.

  1. High Motivation

Students must be able to work independently and display initiative and commitment to achieving high results.

  1. High level time management and organizational skills to cope with the increased workload.

Selection Procedures

  • Instructional Leader, assisted by classroom teachers will identify students who have demonstrated all seven criteria.
  • Students will be given the opportunity to self nominate for Accelerated Studies.
  • Students will be interviewed by the Year Level Instructional Leader, Pathways and Transitions Assistant Principal or the Careers  Advisor.
  • Students will be asked to complete an expression of interest form which much be signed by parent/guardian
  • Students may be required to sit an aptitude test.
  • Students will be individually counselled regarding selection for the prescribed VCE or selected VET.
  • Selected students and parents will be notified regarding their successful entry into the program.