Year 9 Heroes Journey


Northern Bay College and Nelson Park School co-own an amazing residential outdoor facility in the Brisbane Ranges which offers an outstanding environment for students to develop a cohesive range of life long and learning skills. Part of our Year 9 Program includes a unique experience of participating in an 8-9-week program, which takes place at the Goldsworthy and Staughton Vale Campuses.

This experience will significantly challenge students in a secure environment, whilst improving the emotional and social wellbeing of students. The Heroes Journey experience, as well as students’ unique strengths forms the foundational tools that will support young people of our College as they explore their personal experiences of life and wellbeing. Our partnership with the REACH foundation formed the foundation of our curriculum focusing on Self Reflection, Building Positive Relationships, Developing Resilience, Discovering Purpose and Meaning, Setting Goals (with a career focus) and to Develop a Positive Mindset.

The Heroes Journey Outdoor Education Program Coastal Guardians is a hands on component that works in conjunction with the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee to rejuvenate an area of the beach down at Point Impossible. Part of the Heroes Journey involves the students participating in a practical component, where students will put into practice the theory learnt in weeks leading up to their 5 week residential block.

The subject will investigate environment, national parks, recreational uses of the land, the history of the Great Ocean Road and geography. The activities involved in this unit include bushwalking, surfing, snorkelling, canoeing, beach combing, orienteering, and multiple visits to Point Impossible for restoration activities.

Students will self select a term (2-4) where they will participate in skill building modules at Goldsworthy Campus to prepare them for the 5 week Heroes Journey at the Staughton Vale Campus.

 A number of partnerships will be involved in the Heroes Journey, which include REACH, Victorian Police, Ardoch Youth Foundation, Deakin University, Geelong Industry Trade Training Centre and Parks Victoria.

In 2016 Feedback was documented from some of the participants (Heroes)