College Uniform

Norrthern Bay College School Concil has determined through Student Dress Code Policy that uniform is compulsory and to be worn at all times during the school day.

The policy will be implemented at campus level will full understanding of the implcations on families. Our uniform looks great when all items are in place and it is imperative to aspire to our students being presented as well as they can be. Uniforms look less that impressive with inapproriate trousers / pants and shoes. The components of our uniform have been designed to be both smart and affordable.

Black pants / trousers and white / grey shirts need not have the logo in recogognition of the need for frequesnt washing but 'Full School Uniform' requriements in secondary school years would be expected to be with logo shirt. Shoes / footwear should be black. Company logos, writing and mottos are not permitted.

Noone Imagewear operating through Bellarine Uniforms are the providers of our college uniform and there is an oncampus outlet (at Goldsworthy Campus) open on Monday (mornings) and Thursday (afternoons) The main shop in Moorabool Stree, city is open during normal business hours.

Prices are as listed below