Campus Contact Details

Northern Bay P-12 College Central Administration

Executive Principal: Scott Diamond

Business Manager: Lisa Gray

Phone: 5245 3500 

Sub School Principals

Goldsworthy / GITTC Ken Massari
Wexford / Tallis Lisha Nash
Peacock / Hendy Kathleen Nardi

Goldsworthy 9-12 Campus 

Campus Principal: Ken Massari

Assistant Principal: Sarah Papadopoulos and Ricki O'Shannessy

Phone: 5224 9700  


Hendy P-8 Campus 

Campus Principal: Rob Bennetts

Assistant Principal: Melissa Dougherty Brendan Kent

Phone: 5228 4200  


Peacock P-8 Campus 

Campus Principal: Kathleen Nardi

Assistant Principal: Louise McAninly

Phone: 5245 3900  


Tallis P-8 Campus 

Campus Principal: Ross Dullard

Phone: 5275 1359  

Wexford P-8 Campus 

Campus Principal: Lisha Nash 

Assistant Principal: Janine McKenzie  and Melissa Maccora

Phone: 5273 2600   

NBC Early Learning Centre 

Director:  Amy Vasher-Cockle

Phone: 5224 9784  

Email Address for all Campuses

Staughton Vale Outdoor Education Centre