Specialist Programs

Students from Prep to Year 8 undertake specialist programs in our Junior Campuses:

Areas of Specialisation: 

Visual Arts - Link 

P-5 Physical Education

Performing Arts - Link

In the Northern Bay P-12 College organisation we have an outstanding potential to deliver a quality secondary curriculum at the Junior Campuses.

Our ever modernising facilities enable secondary school learning domains to be delivered to our Year 7 and 8 students. Since we also structure as Year 6 to Year 8 Learning Communities, our Year 6 students have access an amazing opportunity to experience and enjoy this curriculum. Each year in the learning community we want to build upon skills being taught and have a 3 year program to assist students to progress in their achievements and engagement in subjects which could lead to lifelong learning and future pathways in employment or further education.

6-8 Students have these additional curriculum subjects.

Material Technology - Link

Food Technology - Link

Physical Education - Link