School Wide Positive Behaviour Support is an approach being introduced to help teach our students new social and communication skills. These are based on Northern Bay’s core values of Respect, Collaboration, Outcomes, Equity. 

We also know that social and communications skills are learnt and each child will learn these abilities at their own pace. You can help support your child’s learning by being aware of SWPBS and practising these strategies at home.

The purpose of SWPBS is to increase our student’s learning opportunities, and prevent or decrease problem behaviours. We can do this by all working as a team using problem solving strategies. We also can’t assume that students know these social skills so students must be explicitly taught the behaviours we want them to show.

We have developed some materials to assist you better understand our SWPBS approach and access further insight.

You tube videos will give a clearer insight.



The College has developed an information booklet for families and invite you to read on line below or download here