Sexuality Education

Sexuality education is one of the core learning and teaching responsibilities a school undertakes to equip its students for a healthy and fulfilling adult life.

It is compulsory for Victorian, government schools to provide sexuality education within the Health and Physical Education (H&PE) and Interpersonal Development domains.  

The goal of sexuality education at Northern Bay College is to build on knowledge, skills, and behaviours that enable young people to make responsible and safe choices. A copy of the College's Sexuality Education Handbook for parents is available to our community. Please click on the icon to download.

Sexuality education focuses on love, safer sex, respect for others and oneself, diversity, personal rights and responsibilities, relationships and friendships, effective communication, decision-making and risk behaviours.

For example, through the H&PE domain, students explore issues such as puberty, reproductive systems, sexual development and maturation, and sexual health issues such as community attitudes and laws, contraception, safer sex and STI prevention. In Interpersonal Development, they explore issues pertinent to establishing healthy, respectful relationships and develop the skills to manage positive social relationships and understand, manage and resolve conflict. In Science, in the Interdisciplinary domain, they develop an understanding of themselves as organisms made of cells and systems, and explore the role of DNA and genes in patterns of inheritance. Topics such as these lend themselves to a discussion of sexual health and sexuality.

At Northern Bay College we implement a whole-school approach to sexuality education. This approach recognises that the young person’s whole experience of attending school is one of continuous learning. Hence, whole-school sexuality education is a shared partnership approach between the college, parents and the local community. It is achieved through teaching sexuality education in the classroom, in the school environment, in the way the school routinely runs itself, and in the various ways the school connects with parents and the surrounding community.

Comprehensive, whole-school sexuality education, that provides consistent and accurate information from an early age and is respectful of diversity, can contribute to positive behaviour change, and enable young people to make good decisions about their sexual health.

The college sexuality education policy can be found by following this link: College Policy Page

Ongoing professional learning is integrated into college practice and protocols for all staff in this area and this learning is supported by a strong partnership with health and education agencies.