Community Interest

On occassion there are opportunities which are provided by not for profit local organisations who provide activities to benefit or engage our Corio and Norlane children or Companies that are regularly approached by the College to donate in kind. Occassionally there are companies who provide activities for children free of charge.

Please contact David Neilson if you have items of interest.

Northerly Aspects is a local community newspaper published quarterly. Northern Bay College families may find some useful information or courses here.

Drummond Street Services are offering a great support to families who have children aged between 2 and 10 who tend to worry too much. 

They are out at Northern Bay Family Centre (Gate 6 of the school) on Goldsworthy Road with a free seminar and group called Parenting Children Who Worry Too Much.  

Worry is a normal emotion and we provide info to parents of children 2- 10 years about expected  developmental stages, as well as how to manage situations where anxiety, worry and anger in children is affecting family relationships, schooling, peer friendships and children’s emotional and psychological development. The seminar and group are loaded with useful information This is a day time seminar and group 10 am to 11.30 am, however childcare is not available. You need to register by phone booking through the number on the flyer to Head Office. 9663 6733

There is an information session to begin on 11 may and then group sessions happen on 4 following Wednesdays to get more support and ideas.


children who worry children who worry (404 KB)

Children who worry groups Children who worry groups (405 KB)

Given recent tragic community news two information sheets on ways to talk to children about breavement.

Bereavement Support 1 Bereavement Support 1 (110 KB)

Bereavement Support 2 Bereavement Support 2 (106 KB)