Pathways and Transition


It is hoped that Northern Bay College will be a focal point for the families in Geelong's northern suburbs. Through connectivity with the College, the services and agencies which support our community can help provide a seamless progression through life long learning. The Department of Education and Training (DET) recommends that learning happens from birth and the College can give our local community a positive progression through birth to further education and / or employment.

With our involvement in the early childhood sector, the College aims to provide support to our families to commence formal schooling with an enhanced understanding of life at Northern Bay College. The goal is to make the transition to school and through school the best it can possibly be.

The transition to the Prep grades in our Campuses is well supported and a transition program is developed and enhanced each year. Being structured in Learning Communities (P-Yr2, Yrs 3-5, Yrs 6-8, Yr 9, Yrs 10-12) it is important to recognise that each age and stage leads directly into the next. Too often a transition into another year level means starting all over again, but at Northern Bay College we have the opportunity merely to continue to grow, not stop and start.


We all learn for a purpose. The overall purpose is to be an effective and productive member of the community. We hope also to find the pathways in future training, life skills, hobbies / interests and of course a connection with others in the local and global community.

Northern Bay has recognised that a planned and supported pathway is essential not only for the wellbeing of each student, but also for the health of our community, it's tertiary institutions and its businesses.

If our junior Campuses provide the building blocks for skill development over the Prep to Yr 8 stages, then the senior Goldsworthy Road Yrs 9-12 Campus has a major role in ensuring that we build upon the skills learned in previous years at the College to prepare students to enter further education and employment excellently equipped for success.