A&TSI Education

In 2015, 2016 exciting opportunities continued and Short Black Opera gave junior Campus students a profound insight into performance and culture, This has continued in 2017. 

Northern Bay College has one of the largest populations of students identified as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (A&TSI) background in Victoria.

We are very proud of of our students and their involvement in every facet of College life. Each Campus has a Ngarrweet leader.

The following provide significant documentation which has been developed for, and by, the College.

The College Acknowledgement to Country

The Vision Statement

The College celebration poster 2016.

The College Events Calendar 2017

In late 2015 an important day was held for young indigenous women. Connecting to Country. Please click For a full report  .

In 2014 Spreading the Message project involved 2 campuses from our College (Hendy and Wexford) It promoted reconciliation and strengthening cultural identity.

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