Staughton Vale Outdoor Education Centre

Staughton Vale Outdoor Education Centre is an accredited camp located at 515 Staughton Vale Rd, Staughton Vale Victoria on the corner of McLeans Hwy about 9km north of Anakie. It is situated on the eastern corner of the Brisbane Ranges. This is part of the traditional land of the Wathaurong People.

Staughton Vale O.E.C provides a rustic and affordable option to schools, business organisations and families seeking an amazing experience of tranquility and outdoor activities.

Residential experiences can be overnight, weekend or any number of nights.
Day use is ideal for an undisturbed business planning retreat, school professional learning or team development for adults and / or children.
Outfitted with a full commercial kitchen the camp is ideal for the self-caterers, functions and special occasions. 
The camp is wheelchair friendly.
The Centre is co-owned and managed by the College and Nelson Park School

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