What is SPACE  

 The Supporting Young Parents Program (SPACE) is a service that supports the re-engagement of young parents who have disengaged from education.  We use holistic methods to reduce the barriers, negative outcomes, and impact associated with early parenting, and to coordinate joined-up service delivery which responds to the diverse social, cultural, geographic, and economic circumstances.

The service was born out of needs assessment findings, with participant voice outlining why women disengage and recognising the protective factors that enable engagement.

The Service Aims to:

  • Wrap around the participant to support them in the holistic sense, so that they are ready and able to study the course of their choosing.
  • Offer continued support, linking them to addition community services and opportunities.
  • Provide a safe, supporting environment for participants and their children based on trust and positive relationships.
  • Offer additional study / employment specific skills.
  • Mentoring / Counselling
  • Social supports
  • Financial / Legal / Housing
  • Centrelink / Funding Supports / Scholarships
  • Childcare Supports