A Message From The Coordinator

“Being the coordinator of SPACE is great.  I am lucky to be a part of the lives of so many families.  My role is to support young parents to realise their dreams.  I remind them that even though having a baby at a young age can dramatically change their life, they are still able to achieve their dreams, it may just take them a bit longer and the journey will look different.  This is where the program is fantastic.  We recognise that they are ‘parent students’ rather than ‘student parents’. That doing the same study as someone who is not a parent is a difficult task.  SPACE makes study possible.  It fits the individual students life, rather than expecting them to fit into a set program.  It is flexible and supportive in all the right ways.  We have cooking classes and share a meal, but my greatest joy is to see the parents supporting each other through everything from teething to learning the names of the human body.  I enjoy the joy it gives the children too, to be close to mum in a supportive place where they play and learn too.  Many of the mums feel proudest that they are modelling the importance of learning.  Their aim is to make their children’s lives better. To give them the best life they can, and studying to get a good job can be the best way they can do this”.

Jo Ridgeway.

Here's what our students say…

“SPACE made study possible for me by making study affordable, looking after my daughter onsite, which is reassuring for my anxiety and made it possible for me to keep breastfeeding” Bianca.

“It’s convenient and realistic. The staff are really great. Everyone is really supportive. You are under no pressure and can work at your own pace so it is stress free and you are inclined to get more done” Monique.

SPACE stands for Supporting Parents Access to Childcare and Education.