The Smith Family

The Smith Family has an office at the Goldsworthy Campus and works extensively to support children and young people achieve their potential through scholarships, programs and initiatives.

The Smith Family offers a broad range of programs at Northern Bay College, these program range from:

  • Learning for Life’ educational scholarships to NBC families based on school referral and demonstrated commitment to education.
  • ‘Let’s Read’ program at the NBC Kinder, Child Care and Family Centres to support families with pre-school reading
  • ‘Student2student’ buddy reading program that is either by phone or online for primary students
  • ‘Learning Clubs’ including supporting Literacy & Numeracy as part of Extended school day program and ‘Making Tracks’ that has a focus around cultural awareness and literacy for Aboriginal students
  • Science Maths Technology Learning (SMT) club that focuses on STEAM and relevant careers at year 9, 10 and 11.
  • 'Certificate 1 in Financial Services’ to build financial literacy skills for senior students
  • ‘iTrack’ which is an online career mentoring program for senior students 
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