Learning Partners

Each Campus currently has a team of people dedicated to the support of our community wellbeing.

The lead in wellbeing teams at the Campus is called a Learning Partner (LP) at Northern Bay College. Learning Partners are also the key leader of Child Safe practices as Child Safe Officers.

This title is important because their work may be in welfare or behaviour, but the focus of all our work has to be learning. Sometimes there are factors which get in the way of learning and that is when the Learning Partner provides support, links or advice.

Working alongside the LP, each campus also has a learning worker.

Northern Bay College also has access to services from the Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET) who may be able to come in and offer professional advice to students, school and families. At times of emergency and trauma there is also support provided by DEECD.

Many other organisation and agencies work with Northern Bay to increase community resources. Our suburbs are generally classified as ‘Disadvantaged” but it is our hope to change this terminology to under resourced communities or communities in need of additional resources.

The Learning Partners in the Campus can discuss with families a wide range of support that may be on offer for wellbeing issues, programs, skilling and information.

Goldsworthy  LP    Hendy  LP       Peacock LP     Tallis LP              Wexford LP

Megan Whitehead       Elyse Morgan      Julia Western          Jarrah Cameron        EmIly Casey

Olivia Whitehead

Taryn Goss

 The Learning Partner Team can be contacted via College email: northern.bay.p12@edumail.vic.gov.au